Currie Journal of Knowledge



The purpose of the Cascade Journal of Knowledge is to disseminate knowledge (open access) from scholars and to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning.  The journal achieves this through an innovative journal format: scholars submit a screencast/video (3-8 minutes) of a topic taught for class or research results that is double-blind peer-reviewed.  If accepted, the screencast/video is published as a Knowledge Module in the Cascade Journal of Knowledge. 

Students access a credible online knowledge source, developed by professors, that is easily accessible (open access).  The Cascade Journal of Knowledge replaces Wikipedia, blogs, magazines, etc. as a reference source and augments lectures, textbooks, etc. as the first peer-reviewed screencast/video knowledge dissemination journal.


The Cascade Journal of Knowledge (ISSN 2563-1861) aims to benefit individuals and society by providing a free service for academics and knowledge learners. The journal has a two-fold aim:

  1. To satisfy scholars’ immediate requirements for establishing and substantiating teaching excellence and provides satisfaction from knowledge dissemination.
  2. To benefit society in the long run as an open access vetted, credible knowledge source for students.


The journal covers all aspects of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences, and Applied Sciences.